Advantages of Magik Thread Pdo Thread

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Are you still looking for a safe and secure PDO thread?Want a PDO thread with stronger pull and better effect?

Maybe you can try Magik Thread,it can meet your need.

FDA Approved Raw Material

FDA approved suture, none tissue reactions after implantation and 100%

absorbed in human body.

Patented Multitouch Technology TM

Magik thread applies patented Multitouch TechnologyTM to produce barbs:

1.5mm high-intensity barb interval

360-degree helical barb distribution

1/3-thread barb depth

25 degrees barb angle of the barb

High tensile and anchoring strength by Multitouch Technology TM ensures superior skin lifting results.

You can trust Magik Thread.

Follow Dermax,we will introduce more aesthetic knowledge to you.

If you have any questions, you can contact us.

Advantages of Magik Thread Pdo Thread