A product that allows beauty and health to coexist

Views: 51     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2020-07-24      Origin: Site

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Do you want to be beautiful? Do you want to become beautiful while also becoming healthy? Then you should use our Thread that can be absorbed by the human body, that is Magik Thread.

PDOPCL Thread of Magik Thread

Magik Thread Lifting is one of the most effective ways to tighten the loose skin without surgery. First of all, the biggest difference from the past is that you can see the thorns of “cog 6D w blunt” 360 degrees without dead ends. The spacing between teeth is 1.5mm. The denser distance can better "hold" yours skin. Secondly, the head of“cog 6D w blunt” presents a W-shaped blunt head, which can reduce damage to skin tissues. Finally, the effect of “cog 6D w blunt” is more stable than previous products, the duration is the longest, and the effect of lifting and removing wrinkles is the best.

Magik Thread Lifting

“Cog 6D w blunt” is made of PDO (polydioxanone). The thread made of PDO is a kind of suture that is often used in surgery. It is clinically certified. Therefore, The safety of using PDO is very reliable. After a few months, the PDO line will disappear and be completely absorbed by the body, but the effect after using PDO can be as long as 12-18 months.

Magik Thread Lifting (2)

The inner packaging of “cog 6D w blunt” adopts a sterile bag setting to ensure the safety of the product; the material of the outer packaging is aluminum foil bag material, nitrogen filter, vacuum packaging, keeping the bag absolutely dry to prevent product damage The phenomenon occurs. The raw materials of “cog 6D w blunt” are imported from South Korea, and the shelf life can be up to two years, which is about twice as long as other brands.

Magik Thread Lifting factory  Magik Thread Lifting factory (2)

“Cog 6D w blunt” has established warehouses in China and South Korea, and the delivery is fast. At the moment the goods are sent out, we will track the logistics in real time to ensure that the goods can reach your hands in good condition. We will also provide a Perfect return process, if you encounter product quality problems, we will return and exchange for free to ensure that you can have a good product experience.

Customers who have used the product all spoke highly of “cog 6D w blunt” , and felt that the product could bring them a change. This change brought them the ultimate enjoyment, enjoying the beauty while enjoying be healthy, and become more and more beautiful on the basis of health.