What is botulinum toxin type A?

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What is botulinum toxin type A?

Botulinum Toxin type A is an injectable wrinkle muscle relaxer.The most widely used botulinum toxin is in the field of micro-plastic surgery, which can block the nutritional effect of nerves on muscles, and gradually atrophy the muscles, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing the size of the muscles.

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herefore, many products have been produced, such as face-thinning needles, shoulder-thinning needles, and leg-thinning needles, etc., all of which inject botulinum toxin into the corresponding muscles, so that the muscles lose neurotrophic and gradually atrophy,so as to achieve thinning legs, thinning shoulders, and thinning faces.

Botulinum Toxin type A also has a certain anti-wrinkle effect on facial dynamic wrinkles. For example, wrinkles are caused by the movement of facial expression muscles. When botulinum toxin is injected into the expression muscles, the muscles will gradually atrophy, lose neurotrophy, and will not produce much movement. Thus wrinkles disappear.


The treatment is minimally inwasive. It' s considered a safe, effective treatment for fine lines and wrinkles.

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