What Is Gold Thread Lift

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What Is Gold Thread Lift?

Gold Thread Lift is a form of thread lift surgery designed to firm up sagging skin in the cheek and jaw line by threading a web of gold into your skin and underlying soft tissues. The gold threads lift for skin rejuvenation is also marketed as gold filament rejuvenation. It has been used successfully since the 1980s in Europe, having greater popularity in Russia and Asia.

The Gold Thread Lift works in a similar way to other cosmetic treatments, such as medical micro-needling, by stimulating the body’s own production of new collagen (neocollagenesis) in response to a controlled trauma or foreign body reaction. This results in skin thickening, and overall the skin is much more supple. It may also give a mild tightening or lifting effect in some people. However, the results from gold filament treatment are much longer lasting than those achievable with less invasive treatments such as skin-needling.Real 24 karat gold threads are used to tighten and rejuvenate the patient’s face, resulting in a more youthful, balanced look.If you are interested in our products,welcome to CONTACT US when you free.


Uses of golden threads

The Gold Thread Lift is used for solving a lot of problems, there are many reasons makes you resort to golden threads for a facelift, because of its effective treatment, some of these reasons are:

  1. Lift the cheeks: by lifting and repositioning the areas of the cheeks, because the cheeks area are very weak and sensitive, especially when you have a diet.

  2. Removes the lines from the forehead: facial expressions are the most important factors that create the lines in the front area, as people who are too smiling or frown, are the most vulnerable to the emergence of these lines.

  3. Getting rid of wrinkles of the neck and the chin: some people often ignore the neck and chin care, and paying attention to facial skin, as the most obvious, but the neck needs more care than the face because the tissue layers of the nick are very

  4. Eyebrow lift: the threads will be inserted into the eyebrow area, then, will be lifted.

  5. Facial Rejuvenation: when the golden threads have been inserted into the face, the collagen produces. The collagen is the primary protein in the tissues of the skin and responsible for the elasticity of the skin, in which the golden threads renews the tissues and produces new cells for the skin.

  6. The upper lip augmentation: the threads are to being inserted into the upper lip frame, leading to raise and enlarge the lip.

The golden threads are not suitable for people whose have a deep and a lot of sagging, because it is used just for mid wrinkles, and there are some people suffers from skin diseases such as; eczema, skin cancer, and lupus erythematosus. Get a quotation now!

Gold threads are suitable for all skin types and ethnicities.They are used in the face for skin rejuvenation through skin thickening, as well as the neck and décolletage, and are also being used by some practitioners to achieve buttock lifts (sometimes marketed as “golden pants”) and breast lifts (“golden bra”). In fact, they can be used anywhere where skin has lost firmness, but is not loose, or excessively lax in appearance. The use of gold threads can also be used to help provide better or augmented results from other procedures such as a surgical face lift or liposuction. In the case of liposuction, the elasticity of the skin and its ability to retract smoothly after the removal of the underlying fat is paramount to a good result. To help with this, gold threads can be used to help generate the new collagen to thicken the skin and improve the elasticity of it in the area also treated with liposuction.

Gold has antibacterial as well as anti-inflammatory qualities. It does not oxidize inside the body, does not cause rejection by the immune system. Gold threads are preferred because of their purity and inert characteristics.Gold Thread Lifts not only for the face,but also can be performed on the cheeks, forehead, eyes, mouth and neck, other areas that can be successfully treated include the cleavage, arms, hands, stomach and inner thighs.It is also a useful treatment for those will some kind of asymmetry to their facial structures, such as sufferers of Bell’s Palsy which causes a paralysis of facial muscles on one side of the face, manifesting as a drooping in the tissue on the affected side.

With an ever-increasing concern about appearance in this day and age, the gold thread lift isbecoming a popular if controversial option among beauty seekers, young and old.The buzz surrounding the gold thread lift is that it can smoothen, tighten, and clarify the skin without using any invasive procedures. It also gives almost immediate results that can last up to 10 years. And with the use of pure gold, the treatment causes no side effects and is suitable for everyone at every age."It's a great solution to cure signs of ageing," says Dr Maciej Lichaj, gold thread treatment expert and aesthetician from Poland "You can treat your face - topical or the whole face - as welll as the neck,breast, upper arms, hips, buttocks and even the hands. It makes you look younger naturally without painful procedures and long recovery period."There's nothing new about gold being used for aesthetic purposes. More than 5,000 years ago, the Egyptians ingested gold for mental, bodily and spiritual purification. They believed that gold was a mystical metal that represented the perfection of matter, and that its presence in the body would enliven, rejuvenate, and cure a multitude of diseases as well as restore youth and perfect health.