Sotorior Online for Sale

Active Ingredient:Clostridium Botulinum Toxin Type A
Complex Size:900kDa
Appearance:White dried powder, when dissolved in physiological saline,it is clear and transparent solution
Moisture:Less than 3%
Expiration:36 months

Sotorior Online For Sale

Sotorior Online for Sale. The primary cosmetic purpose of the Sotorior is the treatment of severe glabellar lines. It is just as effective as botulinum toxin with a similar effect duration of the injection of about three months, but available at a notably lower price.Sotorior Online for Sale is widely known for its cosmetic benefits to enhance or improve the individual’s appearance, for example, eliminating deep facial skin wrinkles. Sotorior is now also popularly used for medical purposes to treat muscle spasms such as blepharospasm.

When injected, Sotorior Online for Sale can dramatically reduce dynamic wrinkles, smoothing the complexion and rejuvenating the facial expression. Patients look more well-rested, youthful, and relaxed after Sotorior. For some patients, Sotorior can even prevent new wrinkles from forming in the first place.

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Sotorior Online For Sale

Features Of Sotorior Online For Sale

Active Ingredient:Clostridium Botulinum Toxin Type A
Complex Size:900kDa
Appearance:White dried powder, when dissolved in physiological saline,it is clear and transparent solution
Moisture:Less than 3%
Expiration:36 months

Sotorior Online For Sale

Safe and highly effective Botulinum product: Sotorior Online for Sale

The secret of Sotorior Online for Sale is the special High Pure technology it is made by. As a chemical composition, this is a 900 kDa purified botulinum toxin type A and notably – the first neurotoxin with cosmetic application to be approved by the United States FDA in nearly a decade. This was possible as a result of extensive testing and clinical trials in a prolonged six-month process. Sotorior like the product, is just as safe (if not more) and reliable in the removal of severe lines, especially in the area between the brows and the forehead, as its counterpart.

This is an injectable neurotoxin (Botulinum Type A) that is applied locally in the glabellar area of the patient’s face to prevent the appearance of deep lines. Besides Sotorior Online for Sale is the only product of this type with 900 kDa molecule neurotoxin. This is considered, in the beauty industry, in regard to Botulinum products, to be the gold standard that guarantees the most desirable results. Buy Sotorior Online for Sale.

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Sotorior Online For Sale

The Advantages Of Sotorior Online For Sale

Sotorior Online for Sale is a great option for patients who are just starting to see signs of aging, such as wrinkles and lines forming when they laugh, squint, frown, or smile. With no downtime, patients can quickly return to their normal routine. 

  • No discomfort or downtime

  • Quick treat time of less than 30 minutes

  • Helps reduce dynamic lines and creases

  • Can be combined with dermal fillers

  • Results last 4-6 months

  • Vacuum Drying  VS Freeze Drying

Sotorior Online for Sale from Dermax is manufactured by innovative Vacuum Dryingmethod, but not Freeze Drying method.

What are the differences of 2 methods?

By Freeze Drying method: Without excipients botulinum toxin can not be freezed, so large amount of excipients should be used. Much powder can be seen in the bottle.

There's strong negative pressure inside the bottle of products manufactured by Freeze Drying method, foam may produced after strong automatic injection, which may cause protein denaturation, and reduce the performance of botulinum toxin.

By Vacuum Drying method: botulinum toxin have been dried under reduced pressure and only a few of excipienis are needed. So the amount of powder in the bottle is quite small. Compared with Freeze Drying method, purity of botulinum toxin by Vacuum Drying method is much higher.

On the contrary, negative pressure of bottle by Vacuum Drying method is weak, which minimizes denaturation of protein when diluted, performance of botulinumtoxin is very stable.

Specification Of Sotorior Online For Sale

Sotorior Online For Sale

Buying Sotorior Online for Sale in larger quantities ensures that it is available to you during the follow-up stage treatments that are carried out every 6-9 months following the initial injection. This pattern of treatment ensures consistency of results. You can purchase Sotorior 100IU here.

It is important to follow and maintain the optimum storage conditions of Sotorior Online for Sale. Sotorior must be stored in the refrigerator (2-8 degrees C) to ensure maximum sterility of its key active ingredients, the neurotoxin from Clostridium botulinum bacteria. It is this neurotoxin that numbs or paralyses muscles that are subject to spasms.If you are looking for other Botulinum Toxin Solutions, make sure to take a look at our collection of botulinum toxin solutions.Welcome to CONTACT US if you want to know more information!

Application Of Sotorior Online For Sale

Sotorior Online For Sale

Sotorior Online for Sale can be used on all areas of the face, from the forehead to the wrinkles between the eyes and crow's feet. Sotorior can also be used for jaw reduction by contracting the jaw muscles to give a narrower, slimmer appearance.

Dilute 100U/ 2.5 ml (4U/ 0.1 ml)

With 0.9% Sterile Saline

Without Preservative

Who Should Use Sotorior ?

Like all Botulinum products, Sotorior Online for Sale is strictly for injection to only adult patients. Unlike, botulinum toxin, this is a purely cosmetic solution, which is specially made to be injected and hide or prevent the formation of glabellar lines, by a method of reducing local muscle mobility. Sotorior should not be used by patients who are allergic to any of its ingredients or have suffered unwanted side effects after the injection of alternative Botulinum products like Botulax, Innotox, Hutox, etc.

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Sotorior Online for SaleSotorior Online For Sale

FAQ Of Sotorior Online for Sale

1. What is the dispersive degree of Sotorior ?


2. And how about the Molecular content of Sotorior ?  

-Sotorior (900kDa) consisted of NTNH(Non-Toxin-Non- Hemagglutinin),

Hc(Heavy chain), Lc(Light chain), HA-50(Hemagglutinin-50). And Hc(Heavy chain) plays major role in the Neuromuscular junction for translocation to neurons via endocytosis.

3. How long the results can be seen?  

-Within 72 hours after injection the effect of Sotorior can be seen. And the effect keeps around 4~6 months.

4. How about purity of Sotorior ?

-Sotorior contents is 900kDa. 

5. How to use Sotorior ?

-In case wrinkle forehead, 0.9% NSS mix as 100u/2.5mL then inject 5 point to 0.1ml each point. Total 20u. 

6. How to avoid resistant risk of Sotorior ?  

-Inject more than 3 month term, less use as possible when inject.

7. How long Sotorior can be stored after diluted?

-The solution(after mix NSS) should be used within 24 hours, and the solution should keep 2~8℃.