Sotorior™ 100U

Active Ingredient:Clostridium Botulinum Toxin Type A
Complex Size:900kDa
Appearance:White dried powder
Moisture:Less than 3%
Expiration:36 months
  • 100U


SOTORIOR 100U Botulinum Toxin For Sale


Originated from clostridium botulinum, SOTORIOR™ 100units Botulinum toxin type A is a specific formulation that produced by innovative Vacuum Drying process for superior purity. SOTORIOR is for both aesthetic and therapeutic treatments. It is commonly used by medical professionals for various cosmetic and medical applications, such as treating frown lines, crow's feet, and even certain medical conditions like muscle spasms and chronic migraines.

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SOTORIOR 100U Botulinum Toxin For Sale

The Specification of SOTORIOR 100U Botulinum Toxin Sale

SOTORIOR 100U Botulinum Toxin For Sale

Why Choose SOTORIOR 100U Botulinum Toxin For Sale

Long-Lasting Results:

One of the primary reasons why people opt for SOTORIOR 100ui is its remarkable longevity. Unlike many other non-surgical cosmetic treatments, the results achieved with SOTORIOR 100U Botulinum Toxin can endure for an extended period. Typically, the effects of a single treatment can last anywhere from three to six months, depending on individual factors. This prolonged duration between treatments is advantageous for those who prefer not to undergo frequent touch-ups, as it allows for a more cost-effective and convenient option.

Precision Treatment:

SOTORIOR 100 units is renowned for its precision in addressing specific cosmetic concerns. The 100-unit formulation of Botulinum Toxin enables healthcare professionals to precisely target and relax specific facial muscles responsible for the development of fine lines and wrinkles. This precision ensures that the treatment is effective, providing a smoother and more youthful appearance while maintaining the natural expressiveness of the face. Unlike some other treatments that can result in a "frozen" appearance, SOTORIOR 100U Botulinum Toxin allows for subtle yet noticeable improvements.

Repeated Treatments Are Available:

SOTORIOR 100 ui offers the flexibility of repeated treatments, allowing individuals to maintain their desired look over time. While results are long-lasting, they are not permanent. This means that if you're satisfied with the initial outcome, you can choose to receive follow-up treatments to maintain your rejuvenated appearance. The ability to customize the frequency of treatments according to your aesthetic goals is a key advantage. Whether you prefer a refreshed look all year round or an occasional touch-up, SOTORIOR 100U Botulinum Toxin can be tailored to your needs.

Non-Heat Sensitive:

Another notable advantage of SOTORIOR 100iu is that it is non-heat sensitive. This characteristic makes it a reliable choice, as the treatment can be safely administered without concerns about heat exposure. This is particularly important for those who live in regions with hot climates or engage in activities that may raise body temperature, as it ensures that the effectiveness of the treatment remains consistent. For more information about buy SOTORIOR 100U for sale , contact us today.

SOTORIOR 100U Botulinum Toxin For Sale

Vacuum Drying VS Freeze Drying

Other Brand
Purity By Freeze Drying method:Without excipients botulinum toxin cannot be freezed, so large amount of excipients should be used. Much powder can be seen in the bottle. By Vacuum Drying method: botulinum toxin have been dried under reduced pressure and only a few of excipients are needed. So the amount of powder in the bottle is quite small. Compared with Freeze Drying method, purity of botulinum toxin by Vacuum Drying method is much higher.
Performance There's strong negative pressure inside the bottle of products manufactured by Freeze Drying method, foam may produced after strong automatic injection, which may cause protein denaturation, and reduce the performance of botulinum toxin. On the contrary, negative pressure of bottle by Vacuum Drying method is weak, which minimizes denaturation of protein when diluted, performance of botulinum toxin is very stable.

Application Of Sotorior 100U Botulinum Toxin sale

Wrinkle Reduction: Including frown lines, crow's feet, glabellar folds and forehead lines. By relaxing the targeted facial muscles, it smoothes out fine lines and deep-set wrinkles, providing a more youthful appearance.

Brow Lift: This treatment can be applied to achieve a subtle brow lift, enhancing the arch and position of the eyebrows.

Jaw Slimming: By targeting the masseter muscles, SOTORIOR 100U can achieve jawline slimming, which is sought after by those looking to create a more oval or V-shaped facial contour.

Neck Bands: Neck bands or platysmal bands can be effectively treated with SOTORIOR 100U. It relaxes the neck muscles responsible for these bands, resulting in a smoother neck appearance.

Treatment of Hyperhidrosis: SOTORIOR 100U is effective in treating hyperhidrosis, a condition characterized by excessive sweating. When injected into sweat-prone areas such as underarms, palms, or feet, it can significantly reduce sweat production, providing relief for those suffering from this condition.

In conclusion, SOTORIOR 100U Botulinum Toxin offers a wide range of applications, from cosmetic enhancements to therapeutic treatments. Its versatility and precision make it a valuable tool for addressing various concerns and improving the overall quality of life for individuals seeking both aesthetic and medical solutions.

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SOTORIOR 100U Botulinum Toxin For Sale

SOTORIOR 100U Botulinum Toxin For Sale

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Sotorior 100U offers an array of benefits that make it a preferred choice for individuals seeking effective and reliable cosmetic treatments. Its long-lasting results reduce the need for frequent visits to maintain your look, while its precision treatment approach ensures natural and subtle improvements. The option for repeated treatments provides flexibility in achieving and preserving your desired aesthetic, and the fact that it is non-heat sensitive adds an extra layer of reliability.

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