Price Of 1ml Lip Filler - Aqua Secret®

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Price Of 1ml Lip Filler - Aqua Secret®

Our lips are a big deal. We smile with them, kiss with them and even dress them up — or down — with lipstick to suit our mood or occasion. But if your lips aren't as full or shapely as you want them to be, you may be considering lip fillers. How much does lip filler cost? The price of 1ml lip filler varies depending on several factors. Continue reading to learn more about lip fillers, and choose a product worth investing in.

What Are Lip Filler?

A lip filler is a type of dermal filler used for lip augmentation. Because shape and fullness can change with age, adults of all ages may wish to have lip filler procedures done to enhance and beautify the look of their lips. There are several types of lip fillers, but hyaluronic acid dermal fillers are the preferred type for lip augmentation. Our dermal filler brands is Aqua Secret.

Aqua Secret® is a biodegradable gel made of non-animal cross-linked hyaluronic acid, offering a comprehensive solution for enhancing facial aesthetics. It's particularly effective for treating facial lines, wrinkles, and lips, and can also be utilized for body sculpting to accentuate natural contours.

Aqua Secret Smoocy 1ml lip filler is larger particles for deep folds. Injected in the deep layer of the dermis and the surface layer of the subcutis .For correcting deep folds, creating fuller lips and smooths upper lip lines withnatural-looking results in these particular areas. Contact us to get the price of 1ml lip filler!

Injection parts: Deep layer of dermis and/or surface layer of subcutis

Needle Size:27G

HA Concentration:20mg/ml

Volume of syringe:1ml/2ml

Duration:8-12 months

Gel particles (ml): 10,000

Particle size(mm): 0.28~0.50

HA Origin : Non Animal

Storage: Room Temperature


What The Price Of 1ml Lip Filler?

Lip fillers are priced based on the number of syringes injected and the volume injected by the syringe. The average cost of lip fillers in the U.S. is $959, but prices can range from $332 up to $2,354 for one treatment.

Several factors play a role in determining wholesale prices of 1ml lip fillers

  1. The quantity ordered

  2. The reputation and brand recognition of the product

  3. The choice of supplier

  4. The availability of promotions or discounts

Where To Buy Lip Filler For Lip Injection?

Ever since 2012, Dermax has been a much-trusted supplier of high-quality dermal fillers. You heard it right, we’ve been in the business of dermal fillers for a long time, and our longevity is a testament to the great experience you can expect when choosing to buy dermal fillers from us. Whether you’re a clinic or a medical professional looking for a reliable, trustworthy place to buy dermal fillers online, you’ve come to the right place. Dermax also offers additional customization services and also offers products such as Botulinum toxin, polylactic acid fillers, and skin boosters.

Benefits of Aqua Secret® Dermal Filler

•  Natural and Safe Ingredients: Made with natural and safe ingredients, our product is mainly formulated with hyaluronic acid, a substance that occurs naturally in the body and helps maintain skin hydration and smoothness.

•  Enduring Effects: The filler's results are long-lasting, usually lasting 9-12 months or even longer, due to a special cross-linking technology that forms robust hyaluronic acid molecules.

Personalized Effects: Aqua Secret® 1ml lip filler provides a range of hyaluronic acid options with varying types and concentrations. This allows for customized outcomes that cater to individual preferences and treatment objectives.

Aqua Secret® is known for its seamless integration with lip tissues and gradual absorption by the body, making it a reliable option for lip enhancement. For further information on Aqua Secret®  price of 1ml lip filler , please don't hesitate to inquire. CONTACT US.

Aqua Secret® 1ml Dermal Filler Lips Injection Before And After


Why Choose Aqua Secret® 1ml Dermal Filler Lip Filler Injection?

1. Safety & Quality: Aqua Secret ensures product safety and exceptional quality through the utilization of the highest-grade raw materials, cutting-edge technology, stringent production processes, and thorough testing conducted by authoritative institutions.

2. Strict Process Control: Aqua Secret production workshop is a class 100,000 workshop for class III medical devices. The sodium hyaluronate gel is sterilized by high pressure steam, and the needle is sterilized by gamma rays.The preparation is aseptic and pyrogen-free, which completely guarantees the product without pollution.

dermax aqua secret

3. Good Feedback: With 12 years of experience in the industry, we have garnered extensive expertise and honed our skills to perfection. Our products have been marked by the trust and satisfaction of ountless customers who have provided us with invaluable feedback.


4. Good After-sale Service: For every order, the service department will notice the shipping time and tracking number, track the shipping status, and remind you to sign for delivery. We provide a perfect return policy. If there are any quality problems, we will replace the products free of charge.


1. Is 1ml Of Dermal Fillers Enough For Lips?

Yes, 1ml of filler can provide noticeable enhancement to the lips, particularly for those seeking subtle or moderate volume increase. However, individuals with thinner lips or those desiring more dramatic results may require additional filler. Consulting with a qualified medical professional is essential for personalized advice.

2. How long does 1ml of lip fillers last?

The duration of results from 1ml of lip filler can vary depending on factors such as the type of filler used, individual metabolism, and lifestyle factors. Generally, lip fillers can last anywhere from 6 to 12 months. To maintain the results, touch-up treatments may be necessary periodically.

3. How much does 1ml of lip filler cost?

The exact price of Aqua Secret 1ml lip fillers may vary depending on the model and quantity of product purchased, ongoing promotions, and other factors. If you are interested in purchasing Aqua Secret lip filler, please contact us directly, and we will provide you with the best price.

4. Is Aqua Secret lip filler permanent?

No, the main component of permanent filler is bone cement. After injection, the bone cement gradually grows together with skin tissue, it couldn't be taken out, and can not be absorbed, the risk of side effects and sequelae is high. Our Aqua Secret hyaluronic acid filler is the most popular and safest treatment now, usually 6-18 months is the longest lasting period under the premise of ensuring maximum safety. 

Get the latest price of 1ml lip filler, exclusive promo offers, and a welcome discount by contact us.

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