PDO THREAD: Mono Threads Vs Screw Threads Vs Cog Thread

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PDO THREAD: Mono Threads vs Screw Threads vs Cog Thread

The popularity of PDO threads is steadily increasing, with a growing number of individuals opting for this non-surgical cosmetic procedure. PDO (Polydioxanone) threads are designed to lift and tighten sagging skin, stimulate collagen production, and enhance facial contours. There are different types of PDO threads, each serving specific purposes. The main categories include Mono Threads, Screw Threads, and Cog Threads. Let's delve into the various models of PDO threads available.

Mono Threads vs Screw Threads vs Cog Thread

Models Of Magik Thread Pdo

1. Mono Pdo Threads:

Mono threads are smooth threads without barbs that are anchored to a point on the face or the scalp. They mainly tighten the skin and stimulate collagen production, but provide little lift.

Application: Injected in a mesh-like pattern, they stimulate collagen production, promoting skin elasticity and firmness.

Ideal for: Mono threads are suitable for areas with thin tissue, such as around the eyes, forehead, or neck. Treating areas with mild sagging, addressing early signs of aging, and improving overall skin quality.

Results: Gradual improvement in skin texture, with effects lasting several months. Get a quotation about Mono pdo thread price!

2. Screw Threads Lifting:

Screw threads are twisted threads that have more surface area than mono threads. They provide more volume and elasticity to the skin, but also little lift.

Application: Screw threads are twisted into the skin, creating a scaffolding effect for enhanced tightening.

Ideal for: Screw threads providing more lift and support to the treated areas. Treating moderate sagging, especially in the mid-face and jowl areas, such as the cheeks, lips, or nasolabial folds.

Results: Improved skin lifting and tightening, with effects lasting several months to a year. Get a quotation about Screw thread lift price!

mono thread vs screw thread

3. Cog Threads Pdo:

Cog threads are barbed threads that hook onto the skin tissue and provide support and lift. They are suitable for sagging areas that need more structure and contour.

Application: Inserted under the skin in a specific pattern, providing support and lifting sagging tissues.

Ideal for: Cog threads are barbed threads that hook onto the skin tissue and provide support and lift. They are suitable for sagging areas that need more structure and contour, such as the jawline, chin, or eyebrows. They can also be used to create a V-shape face or a cat-eye effect.

Results: Immediate lift with continued improvement over time due to collagen stimulation, effects may last up to a year.

Get a quotation about Cog thread lift price!

cog thread pdo

Choosing The Right Threads:

The choice between mono, screw, or cog threads depends on the degree of sagging and the specific areas to be treated. In some cases, a combination of thread types may be used for a more comprehensive result.

In summary, the choice between Mono, Screw, or Cog PDO threads depends on the desired outcomes, the severity of sagging, and individual facial anatomy. A thorough consultation with a healthcare professional is crucial to determine the most suitable PDO thread type for achieving optimal results.

Why Choose Magik Thread Pdo?

Magik Thread is a premium lifting thread made of PDO (Polydioxanone) which is absorbed after proliferating collagen and by stimulating fifibroblasts. Everyone can experience overall face contouring and skin elasticity. It brings a natural and dramatic effect to face and body after a simple and safe treatment. The superior quality of the Ultra Thin Wall Needle allows treatment to be straightforward, effective and painless. The production process for the Magik Thread product line is automated, modern and clean, resulting in state-of-the-art technology.

The Advantage Of Magik Thread Pdo?

1. Samyang Suture, Quality Assurance

FDA approved Samyang suture, none tissue reactions after implantation in human body.

2. Efficient Lifting

Super lifting effect, 25’ barb Angle, high tension intensity, suitable for facial lifting and tissue fixation.

3. Lasting Effect

Slow absorption in the human body at a rate of 15%-20% per year hydrolysis, which ensures alonger lifting effect

4. Various Certifications

CE & ISO approval

For more information about Magk thread pdo, contact us today.

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