Magik Thread® Pdo Thread Lift Cog 12D

Brand Name: Magik Thread
Product Name: Pdo Cog Thread
Model: Cog 12D
Applicable parts: Face and Body
Shelf life: two years
Origin: South Korea
Certificate: CE ISO
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Magik Thread® Pdo Thread Lift Cog 12D

Are you looking for a non-surgical way to lift and rejuvenate your skin? Look no further than Magik Thread PDO Thread lift Cog 12D. This innovative products is taking the aesthetic world, offering a minimally invasive alternative to traditional facelifts with remarkable results.

What Is Pdo Thread?

Magik Thread is a kind of absorbable collagen line PDO (Polydioxanone), implanted in specific parts of the skin, stimulate collagen regeneration, promote blood circulation, so as to lift and tighten the drooping skin, achieve natural wrinkle elimination, facial enhancement effect.

A PDO thread refers to a Polydioxanone thread, which is a type of medical-grade suture that's commonly used in thread lift procedures. These threads are known for being strong, durable, and biodegradable, meaning they can safely dissolve into the body over time. This is a minimally invasive procedure that uses PDO threads to lift and tighten the skin. It's considered a less invasive alternative to traditional facelift surgery. Discover Magik Thread® Pdo Thread Lift Cog 12D Prices, CONTACT US.

What Is Magik Thread® Pdo Thread Lift Cog 12D?

Magik Thread pdo thread lift cog 12D is the star product in Magik Thread which is famous for its fabulous lifting. The 360-dregree helically positioned bards with 30 degree interval are designed to maximize tensile and anchoring strength, lifting the soft tissue, to achieve an effective and long-lasting result, at the same time the cannula tip delivers virtually painless treatment and low risk of complication. Get a quotation about Magik Thread Pdo Thread lift cog 12D price.

Magik Thread® Pdo Thread Lift Cog 12D

Magik Thread® Pdo Thread Lift Cog 12D

Types of Magik Thread PDO Threads

Pdo thread lift Mono Threads

Pdo thread Cog Threads

Pdo thread Screw Threads

Advantage Of Magik Thread Pdo Thread Lift Cog 12D

1. Safe Raw Material Approved by FDA

PDO thread, approved by FDA, a biodegradable, safe suture material that has been used in surgeries for over 30 years. The body absorbs PDO threads in 6-8 months, but results can last for up to one year as PDO can help stimulate collagen production.

2.Multitouch Technology

Magik thread Pdo Thread Lift Cog 12D applies patented Multitouch Technology to produce barbs, through which high tensile and anchoring strength ensures superior skin lifting results.

3. Compatible With Other Procedures

Magik Thread® is compatible with many other procedures, so you can take advantage of all the best procedures for synergistic effects.

4. No Downtime, No Pain

Magik Thread® is a popular, injectable treatment that produces similar effects to a surgical facelift without the pain or downtime.

Magik thread pdo thread lift cog 12d

Dermax Profile

Dermax Co. Ltd, since its founding 20 years ago, has developed and manufactured a diverse range of leading applications for facial contouring, skin revitalization, wrinkle reduction, body contouring and more. Our innovative products, including Magik Thread®, Aqua Secret®, Sotorior™ and Devolux® etc., are used by worldwide practitioners, physicians and aesthetic business owners while providing satisfactory treatments to patients.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) provides manufacturing, testing, and quality assurance, which ensures that products from Dermax are safe for human consumption or use. Approved by CE, ISO, SFDA, products are consistently in high quality.

Dermax has offices, warehouses in China and Korea. All orders for items are dispatched within 2 working days, delivery takes 3 to 7 working days worldwide. Shipping information will always be tracked by professional Dermax staff until items arrived safely.

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Why Choose Dermax?

Magik Thread® PDO threads may be a preferred choice for several reasons, which align with the benefits you've mentioned:

High Quality Products: Magik Thread is strong PDO Thread, 2-year warranty

Quality Supplier: With 20 years of production experience, Magik Thread® has established itself as a reliable supplier in the industry. This longevity suggests a consistent track record of quality and expertise.

Fast Delivery: Timely delivery is essential, especially in the medical field where scheduling procedures can be time-sensitive. Magik Thread®'s promise of fast delivery ensures that practitioners can plan and execute treatments without unnecessary delays.

OEM Service: Magik Thread® can offer customized solutions that meet the specific needs of their clients, which is highly valuable for practitioners looking for tailored options.

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