Name: Luthione IV Injection Material: Glutathione (reduced)1200mg/600mg Packaging: 10 vials/box 1200mg/vial 600mg/vial Function: Skin pigmentation Uneven and pale Age - related skin changes Acne pitting acne scars and enlarged pores Original: Korea
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Description and composition The complex includes Luthione on the basis of glutathione 25mg/5ml, 1200 Clindella with alpha-lipolic and 1200mg and Vitamic C containing ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) 10mg/20ml. The package contains 10 ampoules.
Weight 900g
Storage Keep at room temp & avoid from direct sunlight

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Luthione 1200 - a modern product for mesotherapy. This product is intended to eliminate age-related changes of the skin while providing a complex effect on the body: it enforces the immune system while increasing the actity of liver enzymes and restoring its proper activity.


Luthione 1200 causes melanin inhibition, thus providing the strongest whitening effect. The product helps to eliminate high-density metals in the body, while improving the functioning of the liver, fighting with pigmentation and age-related changes of the skin. Luthione 1200 causes no discomfort for the patients because the key ingredient of the product is produced by the human body in the most natural way.


pigmentation of the skin;

uneven and pale skin shade;

age-related changes in the skin;

acne pitted acne scars and enlarged pores.


10 vials / box

Weight 490g


Vitamin C injection is a vitamin product for restoring and whitening skin. Ascorbic acidis a necessary organic compound for maintaining youth and beauty of body. I's a powerful antioxidant that detoxicates the body, removes decay products, strengthens protective features of skin, protects skin from ultraviolet, prevents cancerous formations.


Safe for the body and does not cause side effects.

Improves skin quality, revitalizes body in general.

Launches natural rejuvenation processes. 

Slows down ageing processes.


Wrinkles, sagginess, excessive dryness;


Unhealthy, dim complexion;

Pigment spots, age related darkening of epidermis;

Acne, post-acne.


It is released in 20 ml. ampoules made of dark glass. Solution contains active ingredient - ascorbic acid (10 mg.). One package contains 10 ampoules.

Weight 490g


Cinderella's injections》- this is how mesococktail Cindella is called by cosmetologists and clients of beauty salons. The product got this name thanks to its ability to make a complex rejuvenating effect. It lightens and tones the skin; smoothes wrinkles, reduces fat deposits and improves immunity. Only one course is required to bring back lost beauty and to slow down ageing processes.


It works simultaneously in several directions and in general, makes the skin healthier.

The basis of the product is a-lipoic acid that does not have any contraditions, because it is naturally developed in the body.

It is a perfect ageing prevention.


Pigment spots, age related darkening of epidermis;

Enlarged pores, acne, post-acn;

Sagginess, loss of skin elasticity;

Subcutaneous fat deposits.


he product is released in 5 ml. ampoules. One package contains 10 ampoules.

Composition: Cindella thioctic (alpha lipoic) acid 25 mg / ml, glutathione, coenzyme Q, vitamins E and C.

Weight 110g

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