Injectable Hyaluronic Acid - Something you have to know

Views: 8     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2022-10-08      Origin: Site

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With the popularity of hyaluronic acid, more and more people are also aware of the effect of hyaluronic acid on appearance. Hyaluronic acid is no longer a star patent, and many ordinary people can choose hyaluronic acid freely. Hyaluronic acid has the functions of moisturizing, wrinkle removal, filling and shaping. It is slightly invasive and non-marking. It is simply the beauty of ordinary people.

Hyaluronic acid has been highly sought after in recent years, but many people do not know enough about the professional knowledge of hyaluronic acid, even under the impact of the Internet, when choosing hyaluronic acid, everyone is extremely easy to be misled by various information when choosing hyaluronic acid. Today we are going to talk about the things we must know about hyaluronic acid injection.

Not everyone is suitable for injection of hyaluronic acid

The injectable hyaluronic acid is simple and convenient, and does not require surgery. After injection, hyaluronic acid will also be naturally metabolized in the body over time, and the risk is low and guaranteed. But not everyone can inject hyaluronic acid, especially pregnant women, lactating women, and patients who need regular oral anticoagulant drugs. People with a history of allergies or people who are prone to allergies are also not suitable for injections.

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To inject hyaluronic acid, go to a regular hospital to find a professional doctor

Although hyaluronic acid injection is simple, many people have read some injection tutorials and mistakenly think that they can do it by themselves, this idea is very wrong.The injection effect of hyaluronic acid is inextricably related to the injection dosage, location and technique. Only professional doctors can truly possess these technical skills. They are prone to errors and sequelae in their own operations. It is difficult for ordinary people to bear such consequences. Therefore, injection of hyaluronic acid must go to a regular medical institution.

aqua secreta

Hyaluronic acid must choose a reliable brand

Hyaluronic acid is powerful, and the price is naturally not cheap. Many people choose some low-grade products. This is really too dangerous. After injecting inferior hyaluronic acid, it is prone to swelling, infection, tissue deformation, skin rupture and more serious cause,someone even blind. So be sure to choose a well-known brand of hyaluronic acid. If you buy online, you must check the authenticity of the brand's official website.


Here I recommend a brand that I have always trusted called Aqua Secret. Whether it is filling and wrinkle removal, or shaping and fine-tuning, I will choose Aqua Secret.The clinical test of Aqua Secret Filler is jointly undertaken by Peking Union Hospital and Peking Anzhen Hospital.Both of them are Grade III Class A hospitals,famous as scientificresearch and its medical strength.In particular,the medical and scientific research capabilities of Peking Union Hospital are well-know in China and the world. 


Aqua Secret uric acid has a unique high-concentration hyaluronic acid balanced cross-linking technology, which can achieve a better cross-linking rate with less cross-linking agent, making Aqua Secret's HA closer to natural ingredients and lower risk. The effect is even better.


It is still necessary to be cautious when injecting hyaluronic acid. Beauty seekers should choose the right hyaluronic acid product based on their own situation and go to a regular medical institution to become more beautiful. I hope that every girl who wants to become beautiful can achieve her wish.