How Long Does Fat Dissolver Take To Work

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Fat dissolving injection is a new and innovative procedure for fat reduction. As compared to the traditional way of fat reduction, this is a gentler form that does not disrupt the body’s function. Nowadays, a lot of people are struggling with their body weight and are doing everything they can to look fit. Exercise and proper diet are always solutions.

However, some parts of the body cannot be remedied, no matter how much you exercise or have a strict diet. Some people want instant results so that they can forgo exercising, especially if it is only one or two body parts that need fixing. In this case, fat dissolving injection may be a good alternative, and you do not need to sweat it out to achieve your aesthetic goal.


What is Fat Dissolving Injection?

Fat dissolving injections, sometimes known as injection lipolysis, is a treatment that breaks down adipocytes (fat cells) through the use of an injectable and is a non-surgical alternative to fat reduction. The main ingredient of these injections is a substance called deoxycholic acid, which is a natural substance found in the body that helps digest fats.Fat dissolving injections are a specific type of injection that can destroy and remove fat cells in specific areas. Here at The Skin and Wellbeing Clinic, we offer DesoFace and DesoBody which are created by industry leading manufacturers. The right type of product can be used to target stubborn pockets of fat around either face or body areas, and both the DesoFace and DesoBody are formulated slightly differently to better resolve fat cells in different body parts.

Fat dissolving injections are made from Deoxycholic Acid Solutions. This acid is naturally occuring, produced within the human body by the liver. By using this acid at a higher concentration it can be injected into specific areas and used to target and destroy fat cells. The fat cells will then be naturally released and drained away by your lymphatic system.

How Long Does Fat Dissolver Take To Work?

When you opt for fat dissolving injections you will have treatment every three to four weeks until the desired result has been achieved. During consultation a professional aesthetic practitioner, like us here at The Skin and Wellbeing Clinic can advise how many treatments will be necessary for your results. While you won’t see the results immediately, you can typically begin to see results after around 8 weeks. This is because the body needs time to drain and remove the fat cells from the body, and in general this can take around 8 weeks.

The number of treatments that you will need tends to depend on the results you wish to see and will also depend on other factors, such as the lifestyle changes you make to complement the procedure.Once the fat is dissolved following Fat Dissolve treatment and dispelled by your lymphatic system via your urine, it is permanently removed. However, fat reduction injections will not prevent you from putting weight on. The fat can return if you eat foods high in fat and sugar or do not regularly exercise.

How long do fat dissolving injections last?

Fat dissolving injections are a good option for permanently removing unwanted fat cells in localised areas. This means that with a good diet and plenty of exercise the results can be permanent. However, while this treatment removes specific fat cells, which will then never return, this won’t prevent new fat cells from storing fat in a similar area, undoing the results of the injections. The effects of fat dissolving injections are long-lasting as long as you maintain a stable and healthy weight.As a result, it’s essential that you maintain a healthy diet and exercise levels to achieve the right results.

Since the injection kills fat cells, the result can be considered as permanent as long as you maintain a stable weight because gaining weight means adding fat cells, which can bring back the appearance of the area before the administration of fat dissolving injections. When this happens, you may need to have another round of fat dissolving injection that requires two to four sessions spaced at six to eight weeks, which is the standard time for swelling to heal.

What did Benefits Do Fat Dissolving Injections provide?

There are numerous benefits of fat-dissolving injections. Since the injections consist of vitamins, enzymes, Phosphatidylcholine, Deoxycholate, and alpha lipid acid, it induces a chemical reaction that helps burn fat. Here are some of the benefits to expect from Fat Dissolving Injections:

  • It’s non-surgical. The fat dissolving injections are a non-surgical process used for dissolving fat from the unwanted areas of the body. This is the procedure for people who are scared of surgery—no need for cuts and stitches on your body.

  • Injections are on problem areas only. Another benefit of using a fat dissolving injection is that it is administered to the problem areas, meaning it does not require any anesthesia and injecting the whole body.

  • Quick and effective. No admission of hours stays in the hospital or clinic. Fat-dissolving injections won’t need hospitalization after the procedure.

  • A downtime process. Because the liquid is only injected into fat deposits, there is zero downtime. It doesn’t take much time, and the procedure is complete once injected into the problem area.

  • Only require a few injections. Depending on the problem area and amount of flab, the number of injections differs from one person to another. A few can be used and will spread over the coming weeks.

  • The fat is quickly eliminated from the body. It only takes 4-6 weeks for the fat to leave the body. So it takes a month or so to see

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