Product Name: Botulax 100
Orign Country: Korea
Volume: 100 units
Certification: ISO, CE
Usage: Skin care treatments, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, skin lifting


Botulax 100 is a muscle relaxant, an analogue of botulinum toxin, manufactured by Hugel Inc (South Korea). Botulax 100 has proven itself well and is extremely effective. Botulax 100 acts on muscle fibers, through which impulses are not transmitted, accordingly, the muscles do not contract, and existing wrinkles are smoothed out.

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Composition Of Botulax 100

The composition includes: dry preparation for solution administration - Clostridium botulinum type A, whey protein used as a stabilizer, albumin 0.5 mg, sodium chloride 0.9 mg.

Applications Of Botulax 100


Botulax 100 is used for a wide range of problems:

correction of mimic wrinkles on the bridge of the nose, in the corners of the eyes, between the eyebrows, nasolabial folds,

correction of facial asymmetry resulting from muscle spasm,

softening the contour of the lips,

elimination of spasms leading to increased sweating.

Sweating in the armpits, feet and palms can be a real problem. Blocking muscles that spasm, which leads to increased sweating, has good results. The same good results are obtained by the removal of muscle spasms on the face, leading to the occurrence of asymmetry.

Expression wrinkles can appear in different parts of the face already at a fairly early age. The constant contraction of muscles in one area leads to deep creases quite early, and it becomes more difficult to cope with them every year.

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Advantages Of Botulax 100

Botulax100 has a number of important advantages:

a pleasant price against the background of other muscle relaxants,

the effect of Botulax100 is noticeable after 3-4 days,

the duration of Botulax100 action is at least 5-6 months,

Botulax 100 acts pointwise, only at the injection site, leaving the rest of the facial expressions natural,

the quality of Botulax 100 is carefully checked,

excellent tolerability of Botulax 100 by patients.

Botulax 100 has proven itself well in many countries of the Near and Far Abroad. It is not addictive, but it has some cumulative effect.


Effectiveness Of Botulax 100:

Botulax 100 iu guarantees high effectiveness.

The power of Botulax 100 fluctuation is tightly controlled between 91-115 units.

Botulax 100 provides a precise and even effect at the time of injection, guaranteeing high patient satisfaction with the preparation. 

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No need to get cosmetic surgery done, as Dermax is offering you a non-surgical, effective, and long-lasting Botulax 100 treatment specially produced for getting rid of wrinkles, fine lines, forehead lines, frown lines, crow's feet, smile lines, facial asymmetry, and wrinkles on neck area.

Perfect anti-wrinkle treatment to be used for nasolabial folds, hyperhidrosis, lip contouring, and for overall natural face lifting.Botulax 100 contains Clostridium Botulinum Toxin Type A produced by following standard safety procedure.

Each Botulax 100 bottle contains 100 units (U) of Clostridium botulinum toxin type A and sodium chloride in a sterile, vacuum- dried packaging without any harmful preservatives. Botulax 100 is easy to use as you just need to add sodium chloride solution into the anti-wrinkle Botulax powder and inject required units into the desired targeted areas on your face, around eyes, brows, lips, forehead, cheeks, chin, and on your neck, all while preserving natural facial expressions.