30g 4mm Meso Needle

Brand Name: CozyTouch
Model Number: 30g 32g 34g
Needle Length: 1.5mm 2.5mm 4mm 6mm 8mm 13mm 25mm
Use: mesotherapy injections, botulinum toxin and other applications 
Ingredient: Stainless Steel
Certification: CE
Supply Type: OEM/ODM
  • 30g 4mm

  • CozyTouch

 CozyTouch Meso Needles

Disposable meso needles are specialized, ultra-fine needles designed for single-use in aesthetic and dermatological procedures. Crafted from high-quality materials such as medical-grade stainless steel, these needles are intended for one-time application to ensure hygiene and minimize the risk of contamination.

Featuring a slender and precise design, disposable single meso needles are typically available in various lengths, ranging from 0.25 to 8 millimeters. The fine gauge of these needles allows for controlled and targeted delivery during procedures like mesotherapy, microneedling, or other cosmetic applications. The single-use nature of these needles aligns with medical best practices, reducing the potential for cross-contamination and enhancing patient safety.

Their disposable nature simplifies the sterilization process, making them a convenient choice for practitioners. The use of disposable single meso needles is particularly prevalent in clinics and spas where maintaining strict hygiene standards is paramount. More information about CozyTouch 30g 4mm meso needles welcome to CONTACT US when you free.

30g 4mm meso needle

30G 4MM Meso needles

  CozyTouch Meso Needles Overview

These CozyTouch meso needles are specially designed for botulinum toxin type a injections and micro-injections.

Meso needles offer benefits to doctors and patients.

The use of these meso needles reduces pain.

The use of these meso needles can avoid the use of local anaesthetic.

These meso needles for micro-injection are available in different lengths/sizes.

CozyTouch Meso needles are supplied in boxes of 100 sterile needles. The sterile needles are individually wrapped.

CozyTouch meso needles are sterile, single use mesotherapy needles.

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30g 4mm meso needle

30g 4mm meso needle

Advantage Of CozyTouch 30G 4mm Meso Needles

  1. Precision and Accuracy: Meso needles allow practitioners to precisely target specific areas for injection. The fine needles enable accurate delivery of the solution, ensuring optimal results with minimal discomfort.

  2. Reduced Discomfort: The small size of Meso needles contributes to a less painful experience for patients. The micro-injuries created during injection are minimal, leading to reduced swelling and bruising compared to larger needles.

  3. Customization: Meso needles offer flexibility in treatment by allowing for customized botulinum toxin type a administration tailored to the patient's unique facial anatomy and aesthetic goals. This ensures a more personalized and effective outcome.

  4. Quicker Recovery: The minimally invasive nature of Meso needle injections typically results in a faster recovery time for patients. Swelling and redness are minimized, allowing individuals to resume their daily activities sooner.

30g 4mm meso needle

  Models Of CozyTouch Meso Needles

meso needles

meso needles

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