Where to buy Botox

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Dermax has an official website that lists all Botox products. Dermax is the leading online supplier of botulinum toxin type A (botulinum toxin) in China. DeMax has high quality botulinum toxin type A for sale. Our Botox has been sold to global and domestic customers for about 7 years. Dermax developed A

A collection of Botox, including Botox 100u and 200u, Nabota 100u and 200u, Health Toxin 100u, 150u and 200u, Hutox and Re N Tox 100u and 200u. To find Botox A for sale, please find Demax.

Bolutax Botox

Botulax can last 6-9 months. 100u is for thin face, 200u is for calf muscles slimming. The duration is longer, but wait-for-effect is a little long, nearly half a month, relatively mild and stable. Effective and more suitable for wrinkle removal.

Meditoxin Botox

Meditoxin can last 4-6 months. The effect of meditoxin is stronger and the effect is quick, but it does not last longer than Botulax.

Nabota Botox

Nabota can last 4-6 months. It is more suitable for people who have had multiple injections of botulinum toxin. The purity is very high and it is not easy to produce antibodies.

Hutox Botox

Hutox can last 6-9 months. it can go into effect quickly, and has highly purified composition.

Rentox Botox

Rentox can last 6-8months. Cost-effective one.


Innotox can last 6-8 months. Liquid Ready-to-inject, Easy to storage.

All botox Toxin