What sequela can there be after botox injection

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There will be no sequelae after the face-lifting injection. Because in about half a year to a year, the ingredients of the face-lifting botox injectionwill be absorbed by the human body, so that there will be no face-lifting botox injectionin the human body, and there will be no sequelae. After face-lifting, you must be careful not to massage, and lightly when washing your face. Generally, the obvious effect will be seen in about ten days. The first ten days are the effect period of the drug. Such foods, try not to always exercise the masseter muscles. After the treatment, we should pay attention to avoid eating hard-shelled foods in our diet, and we should not eat spicy and seafood foods for one week after the operation.


In general, there is no reaction or pain after botox injection. Avoid strenuous exercise within 24 hours. Do not use sauna after injection. Within 6 hours after botox injection, face should not touch water. Contact the injection area, after the botox injection, you can perform a slight makeup removal. The more frequent the head posture changes, the worse the injection effect will be. You can strengthen some matters and do some nursing to make the effect more obvious, but it is not necessary to Go to the beauty salon for a facial massage, otherwise it will be ineffective. Do not eat fried, easy-to-fat food for 1 month. According to experts from My Lai Shenzhen Plastic and Cosmetic Hospital, although there are many advantages of botox injection, it does not mean that botox injection is foolproof. Some unqualified "beauticians" of life beauty salons are not familiar with anatomy and the injection site is imprecise , or the use of excessive concentration and dose, often appear drooping eyelids, drooping eyebrows, local swelling and other phenomena, in addition, if the face is beaten too much, it may cause difficulty in swallowing, asymmetry on both sides or muscle weakness at the injection site. Therefore, the injection of botox injection is a precise process. For the sake of safety and the best face-lifting effect, it is recommended that beauty lovers must choose a regular hospital for botox injection injection. Finally, experts remind: botox injection is a widely used face-lifting method at present. Compared with face-lifting surgery, it is more convenient, without surgery, with short recovery period and less pain. However, botox injection is also difficult to guarantee foolproof, which is mainly related to the experience of doctors . Therefore, in order to effectively reduce the side effects of botox injection, it must be operated by a professional doctor to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the injection.


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