What is Korean Botox?

Views: 13     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-06-01      Origin: Site

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What is Korean Botox?

What is “Skin Botox” for Glass Skin?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to achieve perfect skin – as smooth as glass – without the frustration of using serums or multi-step routines? Thanks to aesthetic innovations from Korea, our Troy, MI area patients can now make that wish a reality. An innovative new injectable treatment, known as both “glass skin” and “Skin Botox”, is performed by targeting the outer layers of the face using micro-injections of Botox.

The Skin Botox treatment is the latest development from South Korea, the “Skin Capital of the World.” And now, the same incredible results of Skin Botox are available to patients in the Troy, MI area.

In this article, board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Ali sheds some light on the new Skin Botox trend that has recently made waves in the field of medical skin care.

Skin Botox vs Traditional Botox

Before the Skin Botox technique made its way to the Troy, MI area, Botox was primarily used to treat wrinkles, with the product injected into the patient’s muscles. Now, by injecting Botox into the outer layer of the skin, patients are able to experience the product’s lifting properties in the skin of the treatment area itself. The end result is the flawless appearance that has earned Skin Botox the alternate name of “Glass Skin.”

Traditional Botox causes the facial muscles into which it has been injected to weaken. In doing so, traditional Botox is able to iron out deep creases and prevent them from developing further. Historically, our Troy, MI area patients seek out traditional Botox to treat wrinkles in specific areas, such as laugh lines, crow’s feet, or forehead wrinkles. Conversely, the Skin Botox procedure targets the outer layer and pores of the skin itself. The end result is a smoothing “glass-like” effect that is all-encompassing.

The Skin Botox (“Glass Skin”) Procedure

Our Troy, MI area patients will notice a number of differences between Skin Botox and traditional Botox injections. First of all, Skin Botox is injected into what is sometimes called the “edge” of the skin: the area just below the skin’s surface, whereas traditional Botox is injected deeply into the muscles of the treatment area.

Skin Botox is performed using “micro doses” of Botox. During Skin Botox treatment, Troy, MI area patients will undergo a series of roughly 40 – 50 injections along their under-eye, forehead, and jawline, each of which delivers a tiny amount of Botox. While traditional usually only involves three to five injections, the treatment requires the needle be inserted significantly deeper than during Skin Botox.

Results of Skin Botox (“Glass Skin”)

The “Glass Skin” effect sought after by our Troy, MI area patients is the product of the Skin Botox treatment’s effect on the pores. Skin Botox causes the patient’s pores to tighten, which reduces their appearance significantly. In this way, the skin is left looking brighter, smoother, and fresher.

While Troy, MI area Skin Botox patients may see their facial creases fade, the procedure is less effective than its traditional alternative in treating excessively deep wrinkles. For reducing the finest facial lines, however, Skin Botox is remarkably effective.

But while patients flock to our Troy, MI area med spa for the famous “Glass Skin” results, the benefits of Skin Botox are much more than simply aesthetic. Thanks to the pore-shrinking properties of the procedure, Skin Botox is able to reduce the skin’s production of blemish-causing oil and sweat. As a result, Troy, MI area patients who choose Skin Botox are less likely to experience breakouts. Excess forehead sweating can also be reduced and even eliminated with Skin Botox treatments!

Additionally, Troy, MI Skin Botox patients can rest easy knowing their procedure will not result in them experiencing the heavy feeling many traditional Botox patients often feel in their eyes. And since Skin Botox is performed with superficial “micro-injections,” the procedure should in no way affect the muscles responsible for facial expression.

Results from Skin Botox never look as though the patient has “had work done.” Rather, our Troy, MI area clients simply look like a fresher, healthier version of themselves – with smooth, clear, “glass skin” free from oil and blemishes.

Skin Botox (“Glass Skin”) – Troy, MI Area

Doctor Ali is a Troy, MI area board certified plastic surgeon, and an experienced Botox specialist. He will take the time to understand your appearance goals, assess your facial and skin condition, and develop a treatment plan that is right for you.

Whether you want Glass Skin – or just wish to feel like a younger you – our Troy, MI area Med Spa offers the absolute best technologies in Botox, facials fillers, line fillers, and wrinkle and line reduction. Schedule a consultation to see if Skin Botox, or another facial filler procedure, is right for you.

Then relax in our Birmingham MedSpa, while we make you look and feel even more beautiful!