What is a failed pdo thread lift

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After pdo thread lift surgery, there may be cases of asymmetry of bilateral lifting of the face or broken threads, as well as leakage caused by too shallow threads. If the buried wire is broken, leaking, etc., the buried wire can be removed, and it can basically be restored to its original state after removal.

When taking the buried thread, some buried threads are not easy to remove, they will remain in the skin, and with the absorption of the skin, the scar softening and loosening, it can also be restored to a normal state to a large extent.

However, if the facial nerve is damaged during the operation, it is difficult to fully return to its original state. Therefore, when the facial pdo thread lift surgery, you need to choose a regular beauty institution to perform, and do the relevant care after the operation.

Advantages of pdo thread lift

1, non-traumatic, fast effect, adapt to a wide range of people.

2, safe, natural. Compared to prosthetic filling, the effect of protein thread is more realistic. Protein thread boosting effective use of dermal layer collagen in the temperature of 6

70 degrees Celsius will produce immediate contraction characteristics, so that Matsuike's skin after treatment effectively feel the upward lifting, tight skin pull effect

fruit long-term effect, collagen reconstruction and regeneration, in the two to six months after treatment, stimulated dermal layer collagen will gradually increase,

thus promote the dermis layer to restore firmness and elasticity, wrinkles from deep to shallow and gradually disappear.

3, short recovery time. The face lift incision is small and does not allow for large-scale peeling, which greatly shortens the postoperative bandaging time and recovery time.

What are the side effects of nose PDO threads?

Like most skin procedures, there is the risk of side effects with PDO threads. However, this risk is much lower than those associated with facelift surgeries, with less scarring, bruising and bleeding when performed professionally.

Minor complications from PDO threads can occurs in 15 – 20 per cent of procedures, but are usually easily corrected. These include:

Visible sutures


Snapping of threads

Minor bruising