The easiest way to treat nasolabial folds

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The easiest way to treat nasolabial folds

High cheekbones or a prominent upper jaw cause the sunken nasolabial folds. 

Generally, when laughing, the nasolabial folds will be more obvious, and will gradually deepen with age.

At this point, it can be treated by injecting hyaluronic acid. Take Aqua Secret volume as an example.

The needle insertion point is recommended to be 1cm below the end of the nasolabial fold or 1cm outside the corner of the mouth and 1cm below.

The recommended injection dosage is 0.5-2ml

Please pay attention:

To avoid problems such as vascular damage, gentle manipulation with a 27G blunt needle is recommended.

The specific operation plan should be based on the actual situation of the client.

The easiest way to treat nasolabial folds

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