Lipotrex® is a good fat burning injection

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Lipotrex®, a fat dissolving injection, which is an innovative procedure for fat reduction. It is a specific prescribed product designed to dissolve fat tissue, such as double chin, fat back or hip, stomach and waist. The main ingredients of Lipotrex® are L-carnitine and Bioflavonoids which is safe and can help you achieve a natural, slimmer, more contoured body shape, with long-lasting results.

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Since its launch, Lipotrex® has been proved safe in tens of thousands of clinical treatments home and abroad, and the majority of patients express satisfaction with their results. The procedure consists of a set of injections, administered 10 days apart, and 5 sessions are recommended to achieve desired results. 4-6 weeks after your last treatment, your final results should be visible.

Lipotrex® is aimed at fat removal for those who wish to avoid surgery, meeting their personalized needs with a quick treatment time and zero-downtime recovery.