Korean Botox Brand

Product Name: SOTOX Botulinum type A toxin
Orign Country: Korea
Volume: 100 units
Certification: ISO, CE
Usage: Skin care treatments, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, skin lifting

Korean Botox Brand

Botulinum toxin is a 30 year old project that has caused considerable misunderstandings and slander in the media. Although many celebrities' botulinum toxin injection failures have been publicly ridiculed, countless studies have shown that when used properly, botulinum toxin, including Korean botulinum toxin, is a very safe surgery with minimal side effects and most of them are not permanent. Botulinum toxin can be used for clinical purposes, such as muscle movement disorders, but its most famous use is for cosmetic purposes. Botulinum toxin is not only used to remove wrinkles, but is increasingly being used to alter facial contours and prevent wrinkles.

What Korean Botox Brand lasts the longest?

The persistence of the effect of “beauty shots” depends on the individual characteristics of the patient’s body. Statistically, wrinkles and “creases” are smoothed out for 3-4 months. After that, the procedure should be repeated if desired.

The duration of the effect of the American drug Botox is 4-6 months. The German Xeomin and Korean Botulax also claim duration of effect of up to 6 months. The most durable effect, according to studies, has the French drug Dysport: from 5 to 8 months.

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korean botox brand

Originated from clostridium botulinum, Korean Sotox Brand Buy Online is produced by innovative Vacuum Drying process for superior purity. Korean Sotox Brand Buy Online is for both aesthetic and therapeutic treatments.In Blepharospasm, the effects should appear within three days and peak after three weeks.  For pediatric cerebral palsy applications, the expectation is improvement within four weeks of the injection.  The effects vary for glabellar wrinkles due to the usually individualized dosages.Get a quotation about Sotox Buy Online!

Dermax uses a state-of-the-art double purification process that effectively removes all impurities, leaving only the activeneurotoxin molecule to lower your risk of developingbotulinum toxin resistance,Korean Sotox Brand Buy Online with zero impurities delivers optimised results for each and every one of your beauty-enhancing treatments over time.For natural and lasting results, choose Korean Sotox Brand Buy Online with zero impurities as your lifetime aesthetic treatment.


Sotox Buy Online

Features Of Sotox Buy Online

Sotox Buy Online can be used to treat and prevent lines on the forehead, between the brows, and around the eyes. Sotox is also used for brow lifts, bunny lines, lip flips, down-turned corners of the mouth, chin dimpling, neckbands, and facial slimming.Sotox Buy Online is a safe and effective way to improve your appearance and boost your confidence.

  • Benefits of Botox

  • Prevent Fine Lines

  • Prevent Future Wrinkles

  • Smooth & Soften Lines

  • Look Refreshed & Natural

  • Naturally Shape & Lift

korean botox brand

The Advantages Of Korean Botox Brand

Unlike most other commercially available botulinum toxin treatments, the pure botulinum toxin(Korean Sotox Brand Buy Online) comes without impurities*, making it effective after every treatment.This lowers the risk of developing botulinum toxin resistance,one of the main causes of declining treatment effects.

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Help reduce wrinkles. Sotox Buy Online can smoothen fine lines and add plumpness into the skin, making you look more youthful as you age.

Help improve the appearance of scars. Sotox Buy Online can be used to make scars less noticeable and hydrate the skin.

Help restore your lip’s volume. Lips can lose volume as we age, and Sotox Buy Online can help to restore their volume. This can result in fuller, more youthful-looking lips.

Vacuum Drying  VS Freeze Drying

Sotox Buy Online from Dermax is manufactured by innovative Vacuum Dryingmethod, but not Freeze Drying method.

What are the differences of 2 methods?

Korean Botox Brand

Specification Of Korean Botox Brand

Korean Botox Brand

Composition:Clostridium Botulinum Toxin Type A

Application part:Face,neck

Volume:100 units

Duration:6 months

Packing:1 vial

Storage:2~ 8°C

On average, Sotox Buy Online lasts anywhere from three to five months. Most of people return every four months to maintain their results, the more you get injected, the longer it will last. "You want to book your next treatment before the previous treatment has worn off, or you will lose the preventive effects of Korean Sotox Brand Buy Online—especially on the improvement of the static wrinkles,"For what it's worth, my forehead and eye-area Sotox tends to last a full four months (but I also get the max injected), while my friend's Sotox (who gets the minimum injected, because she likes a lot of movement in her face) only lasts three months max.

Important note that Sotox Buy Online doesn't work right away. Sotox Buy Online takes about five days to start working after it's injected, so if you're trying Sotox for a big event or special occasion, make sure to book your appointment a week or two in advance, and definitely not the day before.

Application Of Korean Botox Brand

Sotox Buy Online Cosmetic (botulinumtoxinA) is a popular, but temporary, treatment for easing the appearance of wrinkles on the face. Sotox also has medical uses.Sotox Buy Online is perfect anti-wrinkle treatment to be used for nasolabial folds, hyperhidrosis, lip contouring, and for overall natural face lifting.

Sotox Buy Online be used in a variety of ways to make you look younger. They can be used to fill in wrinkles, plump up lips, and add volume to your chin and cheeks. On top of that, people who underwent surgery may also get dermal fillers to reduce scars or stretch marks.

Injections of Sotox Buy Online are minimally invasive and have very few side effects. Recovery time is usually short, and you will see results immediately. Dermal fillers are a great way to achieve a more youthful appearance without surgery.

Korean Botox Brand

Dilute 100U/ 2.5 ml (4U/ 0.1 ml)

With 0.9% Sterile Saline

Without Preservative

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Sotox Buy Online

FAQ Of Korean Botox Brand

1. What is the dispersive degree of Sotox?


2. And how about the Molecular content of Sotox?  

-Sotox (900kDa) consisted of NTNH(Non-Toxin-Non- Hemagglutinin),

Hc(Heavy chain), Lc(Light chain), HA-50(Hemagglutinin-50). And Hc(Heavy chain) plays major role in the Neuromuscular junction for translocation to neurons via endocytosis.

3. How long the results can be seen?  

-Within 72 hours after injection the effect of Sotox can be seen. And the effect keeps around 4~6 months.

4. How about purity of Sotox?

-Sotox contents is 900kDa. 

5. How to use Sotox?

-In case wrinkle forehead, 0.9% NSS mix as 100u/2.5mL then inject 5 point to 0.1ml each point. Total 20u. 

6. How to avoid resistant risk of Sotox?  

-Inject more than 3 month term, less use as possible when inject.

7. How long Sotox can be stored after diluted?

-The solution(after mix NSS) should be used within 24 hours, and the solution should keep 2~8℃.