Is Korean Botox safe?

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Is Korean Botox safe?

If you have been injected with botulinum toxin in Korea or are considering injecting it, you may want to know the differences between different brands of botulinum toxin. Why are some brands cheaper than others? Are they safe? Ordinary consumers may tell you that there is absolutely reason not to believe in cheaper Korean gemstone brands, or you may have read or heard others say that if you have money, you would choose American or German brands such as Allergan and Xeomin. But does this make sense?

Is Korean Botox safe?

Botulinum toxin is a 30 year old project that has caused considerable misunderstandings and slander in the media. Although many celebrities' botulinum toxin injection failures have been publicly ridiculed, countless studies have shown that when used properly, botulinum toxin, including Korean botulinum toxin, is a very safe surgery with minimal side effects and most of them are not permanent. Botulinum toxin can be used for clinical purposes, such as muscle movement disorders, but its most famous use is for cosmetic purposes. Botulinum toxin is not only used to remove wrinkles, but is increasingly being used to alter facial contours and prevent wrinkles. However, even for the most experienced botulinum toxin user, the inability to move the facial part of the image is still too scary to completely ignore. Therefore, it is often asked whether all brands of botulinum toxin are effective and safe?

First of all, let's take a look at the pictures and tables below, regarding the current Korean brand Botox.

Is Korean Botox safe?

Dermax Botulinum Toxin Comparison









6-9 months

4-6 months

3-6 months

6-9 months


6-9 months

Unit in Stock










100u is for thin face, 200u is for calf muscles slimming. The duration is longer, but wait-for-effect is a little long, nearly half a month, relatively mild and stable. Effective and more suitable for wrinkle removal.

The effect of meditoxin is stronger and the effect is quick, but it does not last longer than Botulax.

It is more suitable for people who have had multiple injections of botulinum toxin. The purity is very high and it is not easy to produce antibodies.

Go into effect quickly,

highly purified composition




Easy to storage


2-8° in refrigerator

2-8° in refrigerator

2-8° in refrigerator

0°~4° in refrigerator

2-8° in refrigerator

Room Temperature

Price(details please contact dermax)







Is there any difference in the brand of Botox, including Korean Botox?

There is no conclusive research indicating that whether it is a Korean brand or other brands, the effectiveness of a single brand is more lasting than that of other brands. The only difference is the time required to see the effect, as different brands have different 'peak' times. But overall, all brands showed results within a similar week.

In terms of the differences between brands, the most discussed issue is based on the resistance generated by frequent personal use of Botox.

The molecular weight and complex protein loading shown in the above table decrease with the increase of exogenous protein content. Research also shows that the lower the content of exogenous proteins, the lower the risk of immunogenicity. In short, brands of botulinum toxin with low protein impurities may not be likely to develop resistance to botulinum toxin. This is the first way to promote products for brands like Xuemin, a "pure" botulinum toxin brand. However, although many people acknowledge that these studies are correct, there are also studies indicating that the human body itself can develop resistance to toxins. More importantly, such a small dose of botulinum toxin is for cosmetic purposes, so many doctors may say that the likelihood of developing immunity to botulinum toxin or Korean botulinum toxin is very low.

Are Korean Botox brands safe?

Now back to the question of whether South Korean Botox is safe. The reasonable reason for their relatively low prices is that they are distributed by local manufacturers. In fact, out of the 9 botulinum toxin manufacturers worldwide, 4 are South Korean botulinum toxin manufacturers, while Medytox's Meditoxin (the world's fourth largest developed botulinum toxin) is sold in 60 countries. This alone does not determine its safety, and compared to the American brand Allergan's' Baotoshi ', its safety is somewhat weakened. In 20 years of practice,Botox has performed 7 million surgeries on patients, which is the first of its kind.

However, in South Korea, due to fierce cost competition, the lower priced Korean brand Botulinum toxin has surpassed foreign brands, with Medytox, Hugel, and Daxiong Pharmaceuticals accounting for over 90% of the market share.

The Korean brand Botox has established its own business reputation in the local area, and their performance cannot be ignored in countries with the highest number of beauty treatments per capita and rich medical experience. For those who may be skeptical of any approval from the Food and Drug Administration outside the United States, there is also a Korean brand called Nabota that has received FDA approval. The conclusion still depends on the individual, but please remember that regardless of the brand of Botox, the most important thing is the doctor's experience!

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Is Korean Botox safe?