How much does 50 units of botox price

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How Much Does 50 Units of Botox Price

Botox Cosmetic, and other neurotoxin injections, are some of the most popular cosmetic dermatology solutions. Botox Cosmetic has an array of applications, including preventing and minimizing fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead, drooping eyebrows, crow’s feet in the corners of the eyes, bunny lines around the nose, downturned lips, and chin dimples. While Botox can be used on a range of areas, it is most often recommended for wrinkles on the forehead, between the eyebrows, and in the corners of the eyes. But few patients actually know what to expect from the treatment process.

In this blog, We will talk about the most common questions we get asked about botox.

What Is Botox

Botox or Botox Cosmetic is a wrinkle relaxer, also known as botulinum toxin type A. Botox is an injectable product that is placed, using a syringe, into your muscles (typically in your face) to temporarily paralyze the muscles, softening expression and smoothing fine lines or wrinkles. Botox is an FDA approved treatment for both cosmetic and medical uses, such as treating migraines and excessive sweating.

Botox has now become synonymous with beauty and wellbeing. It is commonly administered worldwide and has gained popularity among people of all age groups.

How Much Does 50 Units of Botox Price

What Is A Unit of Botox?

A Botox unit is the measurement of the amount of Botox that’s injected into the body because it ensures an exact amount of the neurotoxin is administered, so you get the precise amount needed for your treatment area. Botox typically comes in 50 to 100 unit vials.

How Many Units of Botox Do I Need?

Botox pricing is usually between $10-$15 dollars per unit. Usually, an average Botox treatment is in the range of 40-50 units, meaning the average cost for a botox treatment is between $400 and $600.  For example : take your crow’s feet (lines around the eyes), forehead lines, and glabellar lines (aka 11s or frown lines), we’re seeing most of our patients need about 60 units of Botox. 30 to 45 units may be needed to treat your forehead or eye area. So, for one Botox treatment in those specific areas, you can expect to pay around $330-$675.


If you want to maintain the results of your Botox treatment, you will costs will be recurring as the results last for ~3-4 months.

The number of Botox units you will need will also depend on your face, strength of your muscles, severity of wrinkles and your desired results. More units will provide a more dramatic smoothing effect but will also restrict the movement of the muscles in your face. Fewer units will provide a much more subtle softening effect but may also allow for possible expression to still be made. When you have your initial consultation with your provider, they will be able to advise on how many units you require and the cost.

To better estimate the cost of Botox, ask your practitioner ahead of time how many units they anticipate using.

How Much Does Botox Price?

The average Botox price depends on several factors. Namely, it is determined by the product’s type, brand, volume, package and supplier. Here is how Botox costs vary:

There exist two main types of Botox, namely medical and cosmetic. While the first is used to treat muscle-related health issues, the latter is applied in aesthetic medicine. In most cases, medical Botox tends to be more expensive than the cosmetic one.

Botox is usually sold in a variety of different volumes. Among the most popular ones are Botox 50IU and Botox 100IU. Naturally, the bigger the product’s volume is, the more it will cost.

Each supplier of cosmetic injectables sets its own Botox price. As well, it might or might not provide its customers with wholesale discounts, special deals, and other price benefits. 

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Innotox is the world’s first liquid injectable form of botulinum Toxin type A approved by KFDA in South Korea, 2013. Made by Medytox in Korea. Storage them in the refrigerator if you will not use them anytime soon before opening. Once it is open, finish it up within’ a few days it will lose its activation day by days. It can be used to effectively get rid of forehead ines, folds around the eye area,crows feet, smile lines, creases around lips, mimic wrinkles, Blepharospasm,wrinkles on neck, hyperhidrosis, and for treating increased sweating on palms, armpits, and feet.


Originated from clostridium botulinum, SOTOX® Botulinum toxin type A is produced by innovative Vacuum Drying process for superior purity, it can be used for precise treatment and repeated treatment. The SOTOX can be shipped by “Next Day” from USA warehouse!  Safe and fast shipping, no customs clearance pressure. Want to know more, please contact us! Want to know more, please contact us!

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