CozySculpt Blunt 23 Gauge Cannula 38mm

Type:Surgical Supplies Materials 
Material:SUS 304 Stainless Steel 
Certificate:CE, ISO 
Application:Cosmetic Surgery / Medical Hairdressing 
Package Type:Sterilized Packing
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CozySculpt Blunt 23 Gauge Cannula 38mm

Decsription of CozySculpt Blunt 23 Gauge Cannula 38mm

GozyScuIpt: The Blunt, Flexible MicroCannula

Atraumatic Injection Available Now!

CozySculpt microcannula is a blunt, flexible cannula for atraumatic filler injection devoloped by Dermax Medical. The needle itself blunt tip cannula is made from 304 medical grade stainless steel. The streamlined design allows for a much more safer and more effective skin volume procedure.

CozySculpt micro cannula is a specialized medical device used in various procedures such as injections, filler injections, or other minimally invasive surgeries. Unlike traditional needles, which have a sharp point, blunt tip cannulas have rounded ends. This design helps reduce the risk of puncturing blood vessels, nerves, or other sensitive structures during procedures.

CozySculpt blunt tip micro cannulas are typically smaller in diameter compared to standard cannulas, making them suitable for more delicate procedures where precision and minimal tissue trauma are crucial. They are often used in cosmetic procedures such as injecting dermal fillers, as well as in medical treatments where precise delivery of medications or fluids is necessary.

CozySculpt blunt 23 gauge cannula 38mm is a sterile, single use medical device designed for volumizing and is used for viscous & highly concentrated fillers, injections deep into the skin to create volume.

The Advantage Of CozySculpt Blunt Cannula

The CozySculpt® microcannula is a remarkable tool used in cosmetic procedures. Let’s delve into its advantages:

  1. Good Toughness: CozySculpt® is made from top-quality steel that maintains its integrity even after bending 200 times at a 25-degree angle. This ensures effective and safe treatment.

  2. Smooth Needle Tube: The needle tube is smooth, allowing for gentle injections without causing injury. It has been drawn once by a 100% automatic system, ensuring consistent quality.

  3. 28.5° Cozy Angle™: The needle opening applies a slant of 28.5° using patented Cozy Angle Technology™. This design minimizes discomfort during treatment, resulting in no scratch and no pain.

  4. Hub Marking: For extra precision, the hub features markings. This allows for better control and more accurate results.

In summary, CozySculpt® microcannula offers improved safety, comfort, and precision compared to traditional needles. It’s an excellent choice for cosmetic injections, including Hyaluronic Acid Filler (HA filler) and other injectable fillers.

CozySculpt Blunt 23 Gauge Cannula 38mm

CozySculpt Microcannula Size 

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How To Buy CozySculpt Blunt Tip 23 Gauge Cannula 38mm Online From Dermax

At Dermax, you can safely buy CozySculpt blunt 23 gauge cannula 38mm online by contacting us via phone at +86 16764319411 or via email at support@dermaxmed.com.

We accept payment by various approaches, that include VISA, mastercard, T/T, Paypal, Apple Pay, Alibaba.com, Onine transfer and so on.

If you need any assistance with the purchasing process, pricing, shipping, delivery, service, and more, please contact the Dermax team. Remember, Dermax customer support service is always ready to help you. Contact us.

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