Botulinum Toxin Skinbooster VS Hyaluronic Acid Filler

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Skinbooster injections can select the composition of nutrients according to the characteristics of the user's skin:

Talking about skin care products the artifact, hyaluronic acid

1. Hyaluronic acid botulinum toxin injection:

Adding botulinum toxin to the ingredients of hyaluronic acid can increase the effect of removing wrinkles, anti-wrinkle, lifting and increasing skin elasticity on the basic function of hyaluronic acid.

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2. Hyaluronic acid collagen injection: (PLLA Filler Online)

Injecting collagen to the ingredients of hyaluronic acid will leave the skin in a youthful and elastic state. Improve skin sagging, atrophy, wrinkles and other problems, and restore skin smoothness, suppleness and elasticity!

3. Hyaluronic acid, VC, glutathione, tranexamic acid

It not only effectively solves various spots and improves skin problems such as fine wrinkles and enlarged pores on the surface of the skin, but also tightens and improves the complexion.

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The effect of skinboosters is just like its name, leaving your skin both watery and smooth, hydrated and smooth!

First injection: The skin is like dead wood and full of water.

Second injection: The basal layer has a better complexion, brightens, reduces pores, and applies makeup more easily.

3rd injection: strengthens the skin, the effect is superimposed, and the effect is achieved for continuous nutrition, deep skin rejuvenation, and perfect girly skin.

The fourth injection: perennial maintenance, the skin is as moisturized and clear as a water hibiscus, virtuous cycle, and the skin is fearless.

Dermax Aesthetics emphasized that both needle-free water light and needle-free water light can play a role in moisturizing and hydrating the skin, and can improve the condition of sagging and dull skin. However, the treatment level, maintenance time, and pain perception of the two are quite different. If you have to go to work or meet customers every day, then it is more suitable to do needle-free water light, and as you go, the skin can immediately be as full and moisturized as if drinking water, becoming beautiful in the invisible, and the price is cheaper and more affordable than needle-free water.