Botox Wholesalers

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Botox Wholesalers Online At Best Price

Botox Description

The low-invasive plastic surgery is the popular choice because of its immediate and long-lasting effect, relatively low price, and rare side effects. Beauty injections can add volume to some face parts and make the skin wrinkles smoother. This effect can be reached with neurotoxin injections: small botulinum toxin doses injected just under the skin in the wrinkled face parts.

Botox wholesalers for wrinkles is one of Allergan's most well-known cosmetic injectables. This product received its FDA approval, so it's safe to say professionals confirm its high quality and effectiveness.

These injections use botulinum toxin type A in the composition, so they are mainly used for muscle relaxation in previously defined facial and body areas. The active substance is derived from the bacteria called Clostridium botulinum, which may be dangerous in high concentrations. However, in Botox injections, it's not enough to hurt a patient. 

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Botox Wholesalers

How much does Botox cost?

Despite the fact that the cost of Botox wholesalers depends on different factors and might vary a lot, expect to pay around $10 to $15 per unit. Still, the geographical location of the supplier, the possibility of wholesale discounts, and similar factors play an important role when determining the final Botox cost.

The wholesale cost of Botox paid by an esthetician is not the same as the retail price of Botox charged to the patient. While wholesale costs are typically expressed per vial, retail costs are typically calculated per procedure and may vary based on the type of procedure, the amount of Botox required, and other factors.

Botox Wholesale Cost

The current wholesale cost of Botox Therapeutic is $1,244 per 200-pack vial, according to Botox manufacturer Allergan. Botox Therapeutic is indicated for treating conditions such as hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating) and chronic migraines.

Botox Cosmetic is typically sold in bottles of 100, so the cost per bottle is lower than Botox Therapeutic. Prices vary based on supplier and quantity ordered, but generally range from about $350 per bottle to about $700 per bottle.

While Botox Cosmetic has a similar formula to Botox Therapeutic, it's suitable for treating cosmetic concerns like frown lines and crow's feet (the fine lines and wrinkles around the corners of the eyes).

Retail Cost of Botox

The retail cost of cosmetic procedures involving Botox injections is set by the provider and is expressed as a flat rate per procedure.

In fact, they are determined by the number of Botox units needed to achieve the desired results. Botox treatment typically costs $10 to $15 per unit, so a treatment requiring 20 units of Botox would cost $200 to $300.

Additionally, because the contents of Botox vials must be used within a few hours of opening, the retail price of Botox may increase. If the supplier is unable to use the entire vial before it spoils, they must bear the cost of the unused portion.

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On a side note: Only licensed healthcare providers with a high degree of expertise (like certified clinic workers, doctors, or dermatologists) are eligible to buy Botox online (50 Units, 100 Units, or 200 Units).

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