Barbed and Smooth of PDO threads

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dermax all products_副本

There are two main types of PDO threads:Barbed PDO threads and Non-barbed PDO threads.

Barbed PDO threads can be further divided into two categories: Cut barbed PDO threads,which names Cog threads, and molding barbed PDO threads,which names molding cog threads. Barbed PDO threads are strong threads with strong lifting capacity. They anchor the skin and lift it up. 4-8 threads on each side are needed.

Pdo Thread facelift

Non-barbed PDO threads includes PDO mono threads, Smooth sutures that help rejuvenate your skin by stimulating collagen production. PDO mono screw threads, just like mono threads and appears as a smooth thread helically wound around the canula pipeline.

Magik Thread pdo thread supplier-Dermax

Magik Thread is a product produced and sold by Dermax. Dermax It is committed to the field of medical cosmetology and has been actively engaged in the development, production and sales of PDO lines, hyaluronic acid fillers and micro-casings.

We have a professional technical team, a GMP production factory and a complete and strict inspection system to ensure a stable and advanced production process.

Mono 26G PDO Thread (2)

What are the alternatives of pdo thread?---Gold Protein thread

Kosence gold Protein thread is a combination of gold serum and of gold protein thread. It dilutes the fine lines of the skin, and makes the skin elastic and smooth. Kosence gold protein thread uses the perfect fusion of top high-tech anti-aging patented ingredients and nano-gold to promote the division and proliferation of fibroblasts, promote the regeneration of collagen and elastin, rebuild the dermal fiber frame, effectively dilute wrinkles and sculpt Facial contour, improve skin texture, return to youthful state.