Non-surgical Medical Aesthetics Is Comiing

Views: 9     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-01-19      Origin: Site

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Hi everyone,There is a big news on Feb.2-5,2023 at Wynn LAs Vegas

The premier conference and trade show for non-surgical medical aesthetics.

The meeting will tell you what is the medical spa show?

The Medical Spa Show is where the medical spa industry comes together.

Experience multiple tracks of clinical, business, legal, and marketing education.

Explore the exhibit hall to find your next great treatment, technology, or service partner.

Expand your network and meet with hundreds of professionals just like you!

“For anyone in the med spa industry: MSS is a must attend event. We brought our whole team and there was great information and education for everyone. Perfect for team building as well. Win-Win and we will never miss it!”— SHANNON HAYES


Never miss it!!!

You can click this website to book.

Hope you have a nice medical spa trip.

Non-surgical Medical Aesthetics Is Comiing