Aesthetic Manufacturer Dermax Supply Rentox 200 Reconstitution

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Aesthetic Manufacturer Dermax Supply Rentox 200 Reconstitution

Dermax is a leading Aesthetic manufacturer in the field of aesthetic medicine, known for its commitment to innovation, quality, and safety. With a wide range of products designed to enhance beauty and confidence, Dermaxhas established itself as a trusted name among practitioners and patients. Dermax supply a range of aesthetic products, such as dermal fillers, plla filler, pdo threadsand botulinum toxin type a, Rentox 200 units reconstitution is one of botulinum toxin prodcuts, designed to address various aesthetic concerns with precision and reliability. This botulinum toxin type A product is formulated to provide superior results in wrinkle reduction, facial contouring, and overall skin rejuvenation. This blog will delve into the exceptional features, benefits, and applications of Rentox 200 Reconstitution.


Aesthetic Manufacturer Dermax Supply Rentox 200 Reconstitution

Rentox 200 reconstitution Introduction

Background of Rentox

ReNTox is a premium class botulinum toxin type A product developed by Pharma Research Bio, a South Korean company. Rentox 200 reconstitutionis presented as a lyophilized white powder for injection in a colorless transparent vial, which becomes a colorless transparent liquid when the diluent (normal saline) is added. Pharma Research Bio is a South Korean company that specializes in regenerative and cosmetic medicines. The company has made significant strides in the cosmetic medicine industry, particularly in the development and production of botulinum toxin products like ReNTox. They have gained popularity in clinics across South Korea and Japan due to their innovative approach and high-quality products.

Pharma Research Bio's ReNTox represents a significant advancement in the field of cosmetic medicine. With its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, innovative product advantages, and strategic market positioning, ReNTox is poised to become a leading choice for healthcare professionals and patients seeking high-quality botulinum toxin treatments. More information about Rentox 200 reconstitution of Aesthetic manufacturer supply,please CONTACT USwhen you free.

Aesthetic manufacturer supply Rentox 200 reconstitution

What is Rentox?

ReNtox 200 reconstitution is a brand of Clostridium Botulinum Toxin Type A, which is used in cosmetic procedures to temporarily improve the appearance of facial wrinkles. It works by blocking nerve signals in the muscles where it is injected, preventing them from contracting and thus smoothing out wrinkles.

The product comes as a lyophilized white powder that is reconstituted with a saline diluent to form a clear, colorless liquid for injection. The preparation and dilution technique requires careful handling to maintain the product's efficacy and safety. Once reconstituted, Rentox 200 reconstitution should be used within 24 hours and stored in a refrigerator at 2-8°C.

ReNtox injections are typically administered using a 30-gauge needle into specific facial muscles responsible for creating wrinkles, such as the corrugators muscle and procerus muscle for frown lines, also known as glabellar lines. The dosage and administration depend on the individual's muscle activity and the severity of the wrinkles. An effective dose for facial lines is determined by observing the patient's ability to activate the superficial muscles injected.

The treatment's effects last approximately 3-4 months, and more frequent injections are not recommended as the safety and efficacy beyond this frequency have not been established. It is crucial to avoid injecting into blood vessels and to pay attention to the volume injected to prevent complications such as ptosis.

ReNtox is similar to other botulinum toxin products, but each brand may have specific characteristics and protocols for use. For detailed information on the preparation, dilution, and administration of ReNtox, healthcare professionals can refer to the product's instructions and guidelines provided by the manufacturer. We are a manufacturur of Aesthetic product for more than 14 years, if you want to buy Rentox 200 reconstitution Introduction, please CONTACT USas soon as possible.


Advantage Of Rentox 200 Reconstitution

1. Quick Onset of Action: Patients can feel the result within 3 days of the injection, and the duration of action lasts between 6-8 months, which is longer than many other botulinum toxin products.

2. Protein-Free Formula, Hypoallergenic:  Rentox 200 Reconstitution's formula does not contain proteins, albumin, or gelatin, unlike other similar drugs. This can reduce the risk of allergic reactions and other side effects.

3. Minimal Diffusion, More Precise Application : Rentox 200 Reconstitution has the least diffusion among all known botulinum toxins, which allows for more precise application and reduces the risk of affecting surrounding muscles.

Aesthetic manufacturer supply Rentox 200 reconstitution

The Aesthetic Manufacturer - Dermax

Dermax Medical is a company that has been at the forefront of anti-aging expertise since its inception in 2003. It designs, develops, and markets clinically proven anti-aging products for patients, dermatologists, and aesthetic practitioners. With a commitment to innovation and quality, Dermax Medical offers a wide range of products that aim to correct the signs of aging and improve skin quality. With a robust portfolio of aesthetic solutions, Dermax continuously pushes the boundaries of what is possible, ensuring that every product meets the highest standards of safety and efficacy. Dermax's product line includes botulinum toxin type A, hyaluronic acid fillers, poly-L-lactic acid (PLLA) fillers, and PDO threads. These products are part of a non-invasive aesthetic portfolio that Dermax Medical has been providing for about 20 years.

Dermax Medical serves a global market, reaching over 80 countries with a dedicated staff of more than 300 employees. The company operates two manufacturing plants and three offices strategically located in Korea, and China. This international presence allows Dermax Medical to cater to diverse market needs while maintaining high standards of production and distribution. Contact us, get the best quality aesthetic products at the most affordable prices Online.

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