• The first benefit of Devolux GranCross Technology


    The first benefit of Devolux GranCross TechnologySafe TreatmentSmaller particles, more precise treatment, smoother skin after treatment, and there’s no nodules.The safety standard is 30 times higher than the requirements of the Chinese Pharmacopoeia.Focus on clients' needs,Make every product careful Read More

  • Fat-dissolving injection products that satisfy customers


    Are you still looking for fat dissolving injection product that satisfy your clients?Maybe you can try lipotrex.The main ingredients of Lipotrex are complex of L-carnitine and Bioflavonoids. L-carnitine is an active substance used for weight loss and it's normal in the diet.Its main function is to o Read More

  • The role of micro cannula for dermal filler


    The selection of needles for hyaluronic acid wrinkle removal—marionette folds.Marionette folds are two wrinkles that extend down the sides of the mouth. Remove marionette folds and make your clients smile more confidently.A 25G or 27G blunt needle of CozySculpt was recommended and inject0.5~1 mL per Read More

  • The botulinum dosage of horizontal forehead lines for you.


    The botulinum dosage of horizontal forehead lines for you.Horizontal forehead lines is located on the forehead,sometimes showing a V shape about 3.5 centimeter above the eyebrow arch.In general, the commonly used injection dose is 18U.However, if the client has droopy eyebrows, the injected dose sho Read More

  • Advantages of Magik Thread Pdo Thread


    Are you still looking for a safe and secure PDO thread?Want a PDO thread with stronger pull and better effect?Maybe you can try Magik Thread,it can meet your need.FDA Approved Raw MaterialFDA approved suture, none tissue reactions after implantation and 100%absorbed in human body.Patented Multitouch Read More

  • How to fix eye asymmetry


    PDO thread can effectively solve the customer's asymmetry of the corners of the eyes.There are many reasons for the formation of asymmetry in the corners of the eyes. Usually, it is just corrected due to living habits or natural asymmetry. It is also necessary to judge whether it is suitable for cor Read More

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